About Sarah


Sarah lives in the Galilee. Her love for and faith in the Lord, as well as a longing to know more about Him and His land, first drew her into Israel in 1984. Her travels in and out of the land greatly helped her develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Bible, as well as a yearning to be a blessing to the people of the Nation of Israel. In 1997, she resigned her position as editor of a weekly newspaper in North Mississippi, disposed of the majority of her earthly possessions, and moved to Israel. She volunteered with a Christian organization in Jerusalem until she moved to the Galilee in 2000. She continues to serve the Lord in various ways, including being a help to others – whAt the baptism siteether it is to babysit, to be an aid to the sick and elderly, to help teach conversational English, or be a steward for other ministries in the land. As an intercessor, she enjoys travelingoct 6 8 2
the land to declare the Lord’s promises for His land and people from His Word. She also accompanies others who visit Israel. Her heart’s desire is to be a blessing to the Lord and to His people.