Ancient Anchors at Tel Dor

Tel Dor – Tel Dor is an archaeological site located on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, south of Haifa. The town itself was founded in the Middle Bronze Age, around 2000 B.C.), and ends in the Crusader period. The port dominated the fortunes of the town throughout its 3,000-odd year history. Dor was an ancient royal city of the Canaanites. (Joshua 12:23) whose ruler was an ally of Jabin king of Hazor against  Joshua, (Joshua 11:1,2). In the 12th century, the town appears to have been taken by the Tjekker, and was ruled by them at least as late as the early 11th century B.C. It appears to have been within the territory of the tribe of Asher, though allotted to Manasseh, (Joshua 17:11; Judges 1:27). It was one of Solomon’s commissariat districts ( Judges 1:27; 1 Kings 4:11).

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  1. Cherry Mitchell says:

    I loved Dor and especially the nice lady we met there. What a God appointed meeting huh?

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