From this view atop Azekah, Goliath watched as the young shepherd boy David approached the brook in the valley and choose five smooth stones. As he descended the hilltop with the goal to annihilate┬áDavid and further intimidate the Israelites, Goliath steadily breathed vile threats and curses at David and the Israelites. All the while, David moved forward toward the giant. With confidence in the Mighty God of Israel, David stood alone to face Golaith. The giant continued to hurl threats and insults at the youth. David was determined to stand firm in his faith that God would deliver him from the hands of the enemy. With a quick hurl of one of the stones from his well-proven slingshot, the stone embedded between the giant’s eyes. The giant fell to his death. The stone delivered the blow of death that was the┬ámanifestation of David’s faith. May our faith be strengthened today to know the Mighty One of Israel fights for us and will deliver our enemies into our hands!

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  1. Sandra (Shoshi) Helms says:

    Thankyou Sarah! You are a Blessing wherever you go! So glad to hear of the recent healing as the HOP Poriyah prayed over you. Abba is so mighty and faithful. The Lord has felled another giant comiing against you! He has recently felled several giants coming against us too. This gives us so much courage and faith to believe for ourselves and others as we pray for those around us, and for America, and Israel.

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