Chattering Cranes….

Chattering Cranes

Isaiah 38:14 speaks of “chattering like a crane.” During this time of year, countless cranes migrate through Israel as they make their way from Scandinavia to Africa. The noise of the cranes fills the air, as they seek the warm air currents that lift them higher in the morning skies. Jeremiah 8:7 also speaks on the crane that knows the times of migration. Our Lord’s creation speaks of Him. It all tells of His glory. Even when we can’t audibly voice our heart cries, we can call out, just like the “chattering of the crane,” and He hears us. When things heat up on this earth, may we soar with Him in the heavenlies! May we also be spiritually in tune with the times and seasons.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hey Sarah, you were in my thoughts and just wanted to reach to you. Pray all is well with you.

    Be Blessed

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