Welcome Home to Israel

Jerusalem – The City of the Great King! The Apple of God’s Eye! The Holy City! There is no other city in the world like it. Welcome home!

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  1. Liliane says:

    Like the fresh appear. I loved this content. Thanks a lot for your marvelous entry.

  2. bro ric says:

    Dear Sarah,Grace n SHALOM be with you as we know it is Praise God. Thought we were going to have Psalm 83 war there for a while though greatful the enemy has stepped back for now.Pray your Thanksgiving was a great BLESSING I know its an American Holiday ,but much is said in Gods word about HIS HESED ,religious freedom came from OUR LORD YESHUA,OMEN BLESS our JUDEO CHRISTIAN LOVE AFFAIRE… WE Shirlie an i would love t know the best way we can help our IDF soldiers,we thought of you Sarah first , if any one knows you certainly do.So thank you for your help on this sincere desire ,thank you very much broric…Love In Yeshua Hamaschiach us.

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